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Towels keep people clean and dry, but they also complete the feel and design of a bathroom. They also can be used to wipe up dirty floors or desiccate your pet after its wash. Let us give you some advices how to choose high-quality towels.

Try not to assess a towel by its softness in stores. Many sellers add some softeners to their towels so they seem soft and pleasant to the touch. But after several washes, such towels may become quite rough and coarse.

To ascertain that the towel is really luxurious and cozy you should check the care label and make sure that it specifies the towel is 100% cotton. Cotton fibers absorb liquid, the towel can hold nearly 25 times its weight in water. But although most towels are produced of cotton, the feel and appearance of towels highly depends on the sort and quality of cotton used. Towels consigned for daily use are normally made of standard cotton and are not too expencive, and the more pricey towels made of Egyptian cotton have notably longer threads that allows every towel to have more water absorbing loops per square inch.

The best method to evaluate the towel quality is simply hold it. A towel of best quality will appear noticeably heavier than it looks, consequently it will be more absorptive. The towel weight is determined by grams per square metre, or GSM. Towels with low GSM (300-400) are normally thin and light, while towels with high GSM (450-600) are much heavier and thicker. Generally, the higher the GSM, the better the towel. Whhen choosing the right towel, bear in mind that a heavier towel may be of better quality, but will take more time to dry. All towels that weigh more than 550 GSM are regarded high quality on the market.

The length and number of absorbing loops is also a significant factor in picking the perfect towel. Remember that the more dense the loops, the more absorptive your towel is.

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