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Scrap quilts

Quilts are manufactured in many different ways and it is consequential to firstly learn about lots of endings your work may have. You should note the temper of the individual or location it is intended for, what it will be used for, where the quilt will be placed. Color is a very serious part of this. It has to be suited for the overall theme of the place. You will have to work on the style of quilt you are going to design. Inspect your surroundings for concepts and inspiration. For example if you live in the city you may apply people, houses and interesting buildings, and if you live in the country you can apply flowers, trees and greenery. Try on a few ideas, you can use colored pencils to realize what colors you would like to use. It's recommended to use graph paper if you aren't good in drawing straight lines, and search in books, internet and magazines to see the works of other people if you need a little more inspiration.

There are varied quilt patterns of diversified kinds, designs and skill levels. Search for your favorite patterns along with recommendations and history. You may use online search in Google or Bing to find scrap quilts and anything else you like. Learn more about quilts here.

Scrap quilts

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