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Choosing the proper pillow for your sleeping style, comfort and preferences is the first step to a good sleep at night. In last years a vast diversity of pillows have been invented to satisfy the physical requirements and solve the most common sleeping problems. So now it is very easy to pick out a sleeping pillow that will perfectly meet your specific requirements.

The most pillows are usually made of three major materials: down, polyester or foam fill and Tempurpedic. Each of these kinds of materials can be also divided into sub-categories, but in this article we will not delve into this issue. So, here are the three main materials that most pillows are made of:

Down Pillows.

The “down” in such pillows means the feather down of the birds from which a pillow is produced. Still there are various types of down simply because there are various species of birds. Natural goose down is the best material for pillow construction. Feather pillows feel amazingly similar to natural down pillows, but are produced from different feathers, not just the feather down from geese. There is a small but substantial part of individuals who are allergic to feather and down pillows, so such pillow materials should not be used by them, but allergy free down alternatives have been recently invented to solve this problem. So if you are suffering from such kind of allergy, you shoud consider allergy free down-like alternatives.

Foam or polyester fill pillows

Foam pillows are usualy filled with some synthetic material. The most popular fill for such pillows is polyester. Such pillows are firm and long lasting.

Memory Foam or Tempur-pedic Pillows

The original memory foam pillow was first produced by Tempur-pedic International, Inc. The Tempur material was based on NASA’s research. Many brands now make memory foam pillows of comparable quality. These products have gained popularity all over the world for its softness and unique comfort features.

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