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Drapes are a good-looking add-on to your place. They ensure the atmosphere and loveliness that is frequently missing from a splendid room. They usually are of a very high quality, and if they are installed into a place with pets or small children, the efforts of buying or making them and putting them up can be wasted. The nicest way to avoid any mistakes with such specific window treatments is to ascertain that you understand them enough. This is the only way you can be sure that you'll make the decision that will be best for your apartments.

People often use drapes and curtains as replaceable terms, still there are some distinction between the two. Curtains usually do not reach the floor, they are produced of lighter fabrics and are commonly capable to close and open. Drapes are much more decorative, they typically reach the floor. They are made with more heavy materials, and are often lined. Drapes usually flank curtains at both sides. Drapes are meant to be more formal, they are generally placed in dining or living room, while curtains are commonly suited for the more informal rooms like bedroom or kitchen.

Drapes are made in lots of varied fabrics and styles. The most popular are silk, blackout, velvet and linen drapes, but you may find some other materials, from common to exotic and original. Depending on the material and style of drapery, you should consult with professionals to learn how to take the right care of the drapes. Still, for general care you may vacuum or brush your drapes to remove dust. If you are going to wash them, you should treat them as a sensitive object of clothing and wash on the delicate cycle using no bleaches.

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