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Area rugs

Selecting area rugs for your house may become a complicated task since there is such a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles available. But don't worry, we'll give you some useful advices that will ease your shopping. With only a several tips you'll clear everything up and make your search for area rugs much happier. Here are some quick hints to get you started. There are only three basic factors that you should know to choose the ideal area rug: color, style and size.

Color: If your color scheme in the room already exists or is defined, bear in mind that the rug's color should not preferentially match the main color in the place. You may select an accent color as the prevailing color of the rug. Take into account that the lighter rug will make your room look larger, but the darker rug will make it easier to clean and even hide the dirt.

Style: you should define which style would match the main theme of your place, such as classic, modern, eclectic and so on. If your other furniture have large patterns, then try to choose area rugs with smaller patterns or with more simple design.

Size: here are some quick advices to measure your place to obtain an ideal balance of practicality and looks.


Living room rugs measuring: If there is a coffee table in your living room and you wish the area rug to be simply an accent rug, then you should measure the length and width of your table and add at least 2 feet to each number. This will let people move around the coffee table and still remain on the rug. The most popular rug size commonly used for such type of installation is a 5' x 8' or a 4' x 6'.

If you don't have a table in your living room, or maybe wish to cover with the rug more than just a small sector of the floor, you can do the following:

  • Buy the area rug that will cover the floor only between your furniture. The most common size for such kind of area rug setup is an 8' x 10', 8' x 11' or 9' x 12'.

  • The furnishing sets are placed completely on the area rug. You should measure the place where all of your furnishing sets will be within the space. The most common size for such kind of area rug setup is a 9' x 12' or 10' x 14'.

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    Dining room rugs measuring: The most common size of dining room area rugs are 8' x 10'. And for round dining room tables rugs are 8' or 10' in diameter.

    Bedroom rugs measuring: the size of a rug will depend on the location of your bed (would you like your bed to stand on the area rug or not) and what size bed you have. Most common size of area rugs for bedroom are 8' x 10' approximately.

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